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Line array sound system

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Series Description

HFT linear array series is a high-performance, high-power, high directivity, light weight, multi-purpose and very compact box design. It is the latest innovation of real sound in the lightweight linear array technology. HFT series bass adopts high-power Nd-Fe-B drive unit, with compact box design, which is convenient for transportation, installation and hanging.


HFT linear array is the latest innovation of realsound in lightweight linear array technology. It combines all the new methods in high school sound technology to provide excellent control direction. The central module provides 110 degree horizontal and 10 degree vertical (90 degree horizontal and 10 degree vertical) coverage surrounded by HFT series bass.


HFT can be placed on the ground to make it more beautiful, and the box can also be hoisted vertically and horizontally. The box is equipped with vertical and horizontal hoisting systems. The well-designed hoisting method can be used for hoisting or sitting on the ground in a variety of occasions. The accurate hoisting method can better carry out positioning and angle adjustment, and obtain the best smooth and consistent uniform water level coverage.


HFT series is equipped with complete hoisting, including adjustable back hoisting for various field performances. Back hoisting allows the linear box to be adjusted by 0-10 degrees when it is hoisted or landed.


Like all realsound boxes, HFT boxes are made of Baltic birch multi-layer plywood, and the appearance is finished with solid black Epoxy Mastic to withstand the most severe conditions. The speaker steel mesh is made of high-grade 14 gauge perforated steel and finished commercial grade powder coating with high water resistance.


HFT linear array series provides 6 models for you to choose from. You can freely share the combination between them, greatly providing solutions for different places, and providing reliable acoustic control direction, so as to provide guarantee for meeting high standard acoustical requirements. All models provide German ease focus acoustic analysis data software, providing a faster and more accurate scientific basis for engineering design and installation.