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MD System

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Series Description

MD series is a multi-purpose active speaker with high cost performance, which is convenient and reliable to use. The sound quality is gorgeous in the midrange and treble, strong in the bass, and the microphone sound is transparent and real. Users can call one of the four preset modes according to specific use conditions to achieve the best effect


The real sound factory has made in-depth consideration on the MD series products from the aspects of appearance design, acoustic technology and actual use. The MD series products embody its design purpose of low price, high cost performance, multi-purpose, convenient and reliable use


The specially developed tweeter and woofer units and DSP power amplifier are used. The abundant energy makes the overall performance of the speaker stable and powerful. The safety of the tweeter and woofer is ensured through the reasonable setting of the DSP voltage limit


MD series is equipped with bottom support jack and hanging points in various directions, which can meet various installation requirements