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Series Description

CA series coaxial speaker series is the smallest stage monitoring speaker among realsound speakers. Due to the coaxial design technology, the box structure is simple, lightweight and multi-purpose coaxial monitoring speaker. CA series not only suppresses sound feedback well at high sound pressure level output, but also has a strong sense of presence, good definition and sound balance.


CA series is a two frequency division coaxial sound. Realsound sound has been established for more than 20 years. In 2017, it launched its fifth coaxial speaker. It was originally designed for multi-functional applications. Coaxial technology has proved many advantages, and solved the intersection of convex corners, uneven frequency and power response around the interference of two-way systems.


CA series adopts the central coaxial design of superimposing high-frequency and low-frequency sound, and the virtual point sound source can significantly improve the radiation characteristics. This is because most listeners feel that coaxial design is particularly valuable in distributed sound reinforcement applications. Because the coaxial sense sound field is more stable, all listeners in the whole spectrum benefit from a wider angle and provide uniform sound performance. It realizes high sound pressure output and good feedback suppression, and has a strong sense of presence, excellent clarity and balance. The special benefits of coaxial technology are related to the radiation characteristics of a point source, and the sound quality of natural studio monitoring.


The transparent sound auditory feeling is a typical coaxial system. CA series is better adapted to advanced bars, concerts, stage monitoring, near-field sound compensation, etc.