PS Series Select Product by Application:  
PS-8.0X/PS-8.0M Precision linear amplifiers
Features & Benefits
  • No Fan No Noise /Superior Energy Efficiency
  • Patented BCATM Circuit Design·Unmatched Thermal Efficiency
  • Sealed Chassis /Universal Power Supply
  • Significantly Less Component Degrading Heat Generated
  • Modular Design and Construction for Quick Service
  • Automatic Turn-On Diagnostics
  • Recessed, Detented Level Controls
  • Disco / night club
  • Meeting room
  • Senior entertainment club
A new generation of Real Sound power amplifiers ready to be used under no vless than the most critical conditions. The completely redesigned pt amplifiers incorporate a whole range of new ideas and intelligent solutions for the most in operational safety.
Superb sound quality,highest reliability,excellent dynamic response and high backup power are what we expected when developing these new amplifiers and we weren''''t dispponinted,Lowest possible distortion values could be realized by employing only highest puality components put to work by a sophisticated circuitry.
every ps(proffessional system) series amplifier employs a sophistcated high-headroom limiter circuit which becomes avtivated by means of several internal sensors.
Stereo 8ohm 2×800W
Stereo 8ohm 2×1200W
Stereo 8ohm 2×1600W
RMS output power into 8ohm,fridge 2400W
Sensitivity(1m/1W) 0.775V(dB)
S/N >108dB
Frepuency response (-3dB) 10Hz-50kHz
Input inpedance 20kohm/10kohm
dimensions(mm) 545×185×545mm
weight 30kg